The American T93 Self Propelled Gun

The American T93 Self Propelled Gun

The American T93 Self Propelled Gun artillery system was the perfect example of the need and advantages of a self propelled gun over towed guns. The M1 8-inch (203mm) towed artillery gun proved troublesome and time consuming to set up, traverse and move across the battlefield during World War 2.

In 1944 the development of a modified M26 Pershing tank chassis (T26E3) mounting the M1 artillery gun started as a parallel project to the T92, which was only different in that it mounted the M1918 240mm artillery gun.

The chassis was extended, an open structure to operate the gun was added and a massive single piece stabilization blade mounted on the rear.

Designated the T93, 2 pilot models were ordered in March 1945 and completed in May. The vehicle shared the same fate as the T92, the war ended and did not enter production.

The American T93 Self Propelled Gun Spec’s

Main Gun: M1 8-inch (203mm calibre) (length 10.16m), range 32.57km
Armour: 25mm steel
Crew: 8
Dimensions: Length 8.5m  (excludes main gun), Width 3.35m, Height 2.56m
Weight: 59,599kg (59.599 metric tonne)
Engine: 470hp Ford GAF V8