The Belgium ACEC Cobra Armoured Personnel Carrier


The Belgium ACEC Cobra Armoured Personnel Carrier was one of the final prototypes of a program to produce an APC using an electrical transmission, which offered the advantages of reduced size and weight.

Completed in the early 1970’s, the vehicle was developed by Ateliers de Constructions Electriques de Charleroi aka ACEC and fully amphibious. Though the vehicle demonstrated advantages in mobility compared to other APC’s it never entered service with the Belgium Army, nor exported.

Cobra APC: has a crew of two and carries up to 10 fully equipped infantrymen. Armed with a roof-mounted 12.7mm M2HB machine gun.

Cobra AFV: with a crew of three and fitted with a turret for cannons up to 90mm.

Other systems apparently fitted included a MILAN anti tank missile launcher and a 120mm mortar in the rear troop section.


Armaments: x2 Machine Guns
Armour: Unknown (proof against artillery shell splinters & 7.62mm MG)
Crew: 2 plus 10 Troops
Dimensions: Length 4.52m / Width 2.75m / Height 2.32m
Weight: 8.5 tonne
Engine: Cummins VT-190 Turbo Charged 190bhp Diesel
Top Road Speed: 75 km/h
Operational Range: 600 km