The Brazilian Moto Pecas Charrua Armoured Personnel Carrier

Brazilian Moto Pecas Charrua Armoured Personnel Carrier

The Brazilian Army operates the American M113 armoured personnel carrier, which Brazilian firm Moto Pecas had previously overhauled and upgraded for them. This had given the company the opportunity to develop their own Armoured Personnel Carrier called the Charrua. Developed in the late 1980’s it was trailed by the Brazilian Army around 1988, but failed to attract any orders.

It was constructed out of welded steel giving protection against artillery shell splinters and machine gun fire. The embarked troops had firing ports to shoot their personnel rifles from and exit the vehicle through 2 rear door and roof hatches. It also had a fire detection and suppression system.

The standard APC had a machine gun and shield mounted on the commanders cupola and was marketed as a family of vehicles.


Armaments: x1 7.62mm MG
Armour: Steel proof against artillery shell splinters & 7.62mm MG
Crew: 2 plus 9 Troops
Dimensions: Length 6.43m / Width 3.20m / Height 1.95m
Weight: 18 tonne
Engine: 6 Cylinder 394bhp Diesel
Top Road Speed: 70 km/h
Operational Range: 500 km