The Brazilian ASTROS II MLRS

ASTROS II (Artillery SaTuration ROcket System) is an Multiple Launch Rocket System produced in Brazil by the Avibrás company. Unlike a number of MLRS vehicles produced by less affluent nations, the launcher is not a number of fixed tubes but rather two pods containing missiles much like Western based MLRS systems. This allows the vehicle to fire non guided missiles with various calibres ranging from 127mm to 300mm.


SS-30 – Calibre 127 mm rockets – Loads 32 range 9–30 km
SS-40 – Calibre 180 mm rockets – Loads 16 range 15–35 km
SS-60 – Calibre 300 mm rockets – Loads 4 range 20–60 km
SS-80 – Calibre 300 mm rockets – Loads 4 range 22–90 km

The Brazilian ASTROS II MLRS Stat’s

In service Since 1983
Wars Iran-Iraq War, Gulf War, Angolan Civil War
Manufacturer Avibrás
Number built 164
Weight 10tonne
Length 7m (23 ft)
Width 2.9m (9.51 ft)
Height 2.6m (8.53 ft)
Crew 3
Secondary weapon 1 x 12.7 mm M2 Browning machine gun
Engine Mercedes OM422 8-cylinder diesel 280 hp (209 kW)
Suspension 6×6
Operational range 480 km (298 mi)
Speed 90 Km/h (56 mph)

The Brazilian ASTROS II MLRS Operators (Current/Former)

20 Astros II
Iraq 66 Astros II (also built under licence as the Sajil-60)
Malaysia 36 Astros II
Saudi Arabia
76 Astros II