The Brazilian Bernardini MB-3 Tamoyo Tank

The Brazilian Bernardini MB-3 Tamoyo Tank

Brazilian firm Bernardini had been upgrading US M41 Bulldogs operated by the Brazilian Armed Forces to the M41B/M41C configuration, which was all completed by 1984.

The firm developed a new light tank, which was reportedly an extended M41 hull and the first working prototype was completed in 1983. A number of prototypes were built and trialled by Brazil and reportedly Paraguay and Peru as well. The vehicle failed to attract any orders.


Weight 30 tonne
Dimensions Length 6.5m / Width 3.2m / Height 2.5m
Crew 4
Armaments x1 Bernardini 90mm rifled main gun / x1 7.62mm MG / x1 12.7mm M2 HB MG
Powerpack Saab-Scania DSI-14 engine & Allison CD-500 manual gearbox or General Electric HMPT-500 Automatic
Suspension Torsion Bars
Operational range 550km
Top Road Speed 67 km/h

The Tamoyo III was the final model developed in 1987 and fitted with 105mm L7 rifled main gun.