The British Wolfhound Tactical Support Vehicle

Manufactured by Integrated Survivability Technologies Limited (IST) The British Wolfhound Tactical Support Vehicle is a truck variant of the acclaimed Mastiff armoured troop carriers and is part of the Tactical Support Vehicles (TSV) group along with Husky (medium) and Coyote (small).

The British Wolfhound Tactical Support Vehicle was first deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 and operated by the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment (Fear Naught) in support of other vehicles such as the new Warthog.

Wolfhound provides a highly protected, load carrying vehicle to carry out a variety of tasks such as moving bulky stores for use in the construction of forward bases; as a Gun Tractor and Gun Limber for the Royal Artillery’s 105mm Light Gun and finally to carry general stores like ammunition, food or water.

Integrated Survivability Technologies Limited (IST) is a joint venture company between Force Protection Inc and Coventry-based NP Aerospace. The contract is for the supply of over 90 heavy tactical support vehicles based on the Cougar (American vehicle of which the British Mastiff is an up-armoured variant) design. The development will create 50 new jobs within NP Aerospace and the supplier base.

Wolfhound will be armed with a 7.62 GPMG self-defence weapon and the normal fit of radio and electronic equipment. Its commonality of design will ensure that the support solution is already in place, and that the training bill for troops using the fleet is minimised.