The Chinese EQ2102 truck

The Chinese EQ2102 truck

The Chinese EQ2102 truck is the successor to the older EQ2100, which was also developed and manufactured by Chinese firm, Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM).

The vehicle take up to 3.5 tons of supplies or troops and can tow either an artillery gun or trailer up to 4.8 tons. The vehicle is powered by a licence built Cummins 6BT5.9 160hp diesel engine, giving a top road speed of 90km/h.

The Chinese EQ2102 truck Specifications

Seating: 1+4 (EQ2102); or 1+2 (EQ2102G)
Configuration: 6X6
Weight (empty): 6,920kg (without winch); 7,120 (with winch)
Load: 5,000kg (road); 3,500kg (cross-country)
Towed load: 4,800kg
Length: 7,495mm
Width: 2.470mm
Height: 3.240m (with canvas and bow kit)
Wheel base: 3,475mm / 1,250mm
Track (front/rear): 1,876mm / 1,870mm
Ground clearance: 305mm
Max speed: 90km/h
Gradient: 60%
Fording: 1m

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