The Egyptian Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The Egyptian Army has been a keen operator US designed/built military vehicle, which has included the Abrams Main Battle Tank and the legendary M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier.

The Egyptian Infantry Fighting Vehicle

In 1994, the now BAE Systems, Ground Systems Division (at that time United Defense) developed as a private venture the Mobile Tactical Vehicle Light, which was an upgrade of the M113. This included better suspension, engine and over increased size, enabling it to be fitted with a larger turret. This required a 6th road wheel.

The Egyptian Army operated over 2000 M113 and 1200 AIFV which it intends to convert in to the EIFV. Design activities first commenced in 1995, and the first prototype was assembled in 1997.

The EIFV is fitted with a Bradley’s turret. It’s main weapon is the M242 25mm “Bushmaster” Chain Gun, manufactured by McDonnell Douglas. It is able to fire either armour piercing or high explosive ammunition and the gunner can choose either by flicking a switch thanks to its integrated dual-feed mechanism and may fire semi or fully automatically at the rate of 200 rounds per minute and a range of 2000 meters depending on the ammunition used. It also has a coaxial M240C 7.62mm machine gun.

1200 M113 and AIFV have been upgraded to the EIFV.

The Egyptian Infantry Fighting Vehicle Specifications

Weight 17.7 tons
Length 5.26m
Width 2.82m
Height 2.5m
Crew 3+7
Armour Aluminium
Main armament 25mm M242 Chain Gun / BGM-71 TOW II
Secondary armament 7.62mm FN MAG
Engine 400hp Detroit Diesel 6V53TIA
Power/weight 20.0hp/ton
Transmission Hydrokinetic
Suspension torsion bar
Fuel capacity 454 litres
Operational range 482 km
Top Road Speed 66 km/h