The Finnish Patria Pasi 6×6 APC aka XA-180 series

Video is of the most recent of the series – The XA-203 APC (see below)

Patria is a Finnish company which produces a wide range of defence, aviation and aerospace technology and manufacturers the Patria Pasi, a 6×6 wheeled APC series.

Finnish Firm SISU built a wheeled 6×6 prototype in 1982 to meet the requirements of the Finnish Defence Forces as a replacement to the ageing Russian BTR-60’s in service at the time. The SISU XA-180 prototype was selected after trials and entered production in 1984, which has now been carried out by Patria for a number of years.

The series is known as the XA-180, as well as Patria Pasi and includes new XA designationed vehicles as the series has been upgraded over the years such as the XA-200. The series has been exported to a number of countries due to its high performance on UN Peace keeping missions, as original sales and still proven popular with a number of 2nd hand sales as more modern 8×8 vehicles such as the German Boxer and Patria AMV are being purchased as its replacement with those nations who originally purchased it. Production of the vehicle has now ceased.

The Finnish Patria Pasi 6×6 APC aka XA-180 series Variants


Original first production variant. It has a crew of 3 and 8 troops.


Crotale NG independent air defence unit AKA ITO 90 – Click here to view vehicle


Upgraded version, carries crew of 3 and 8 troops. Has a more powerful engine and improved power transmission. Its also used as an ambulance (pictured above).


Upgraded armour. Armoured and machine assisted gun turret (.50 BMG). Can not swim because of the heavy armour. Empty weight 19 tonnes. Engine and transmission same as XA-185.


Upgraded version used by the Netherlands.


Appliqué armour added which has changed the external shape of the vehicle compared to other variants.



XA-200 developed for Communications and Command. The Communications vehicle has a 24m hydraulic mast (pictured left). The Command vehicle is pictured right with modified structure.


Last generation APC replacing the oldest vehicles of the XA-185 series in Finnish service.

The Finnish Patria Pasi 6×6 APC aka XA-180 series Operators


Austrian Army, in UNDOF service


Danish Army, former operator of 11 XA-185s from 2002-8 as ambulances on UN missions.


Estonian Army, XA-180EST, former XA-180 of the Finnish army, which have been modernized. Quantity 60 vehicles. Estonia signed a deal with Netherlands to buy 81 units of XA-188


Various branches of the Finnish Armed Forces, which operate various variants as follows –
425 XA-180s and 185’s. (XA-185 is the most common version, some equipped with TOW turret, most of the Finnish vehicles are armed with a 12.7 mm NSV machine gun).
148 XA-200s
XA-203, the last generation APC replacing the oldest vehicles of the XA-185 series.
XA-202 command and signals vehicle, configured with special communications equipment
XA-181 built for Crotale NG independent air defence unit
XA air defence radar unit, equipped with Jantronic J-1000 radar


In UN service.


The Irish Army has two XA-180s, formerly as training vehicles for soldiers preparing for service in South Lebanon as part of the UN lead UNIFIL forces.


The Dutch Army and Netherlands Marine Corps have 90 units of which will be replaced by the new German Boxer 8×8 and will be sold on to Estonia. Netherlands variants:

XA-188 GVV (early XA-200 series variant) Used by army and marines, equipped with GPS and satcom, as well as .50cal MG
XA-188 GWT Ambulance


The Norwegian Army operate 50 XA-186 vehicles.


The Swedish Army have 200 vehicles –
XA-180S, mainly in UN service
XA-202S, as command and control vehicles, Swedish special variant
XA-203S, General purposed APCs, armed with 20 mm gun

The UN:

A large number of Sisu XA-180 vehicles is used by UNIFIL forces in southern Lebanon.

The Finnish Patria Pasi 6×6 APC aka XA-180 series Spec’s

Weight 13.5 tonnes
Length 7.35 m
Width 2.9 m
Height 2.77 m
Crew 2 (+16 passengers)
Armor 10 mm
Primary armament 12.7 mm (aka .50cal) NSV machine gun
Engine various per model –
XA-180: Valmet 611 DSBJA diesel
XA-200: Valmet 612 DWIBIC (EURO 2), 6 in-line cylinders, turbo-charged, intercooled diesel
XA-180: 236 hp (176 kW)
XA-200; 271 hp (202 kW) at 2100 rpm, max torque 1080 Nm at 1600 rpm
Power/weight ratio 17.48 hp/tonne
Suspension parabolic leaf-springs with hydraulic shock absorbers
Operational range 900 km
Speed 100+ km/h, swim 10 km/h