The French Somau S-35 Medium Tank

The French Somau S-35 Medium Tank entered production in 1936. The all-cast steel constructed tank offered a greater level of protection than most other tanks of its size and used the same tank turret as the French Char B1 Bis Heavy Tank. It mounted a 47mm main gun and could only accommodate the vehicle commander, which meant he had to not only had to do his normal duties, but had the increased work load of operating the main gun. The turret also had an electrical traverse drive.

The French Somau S-35 Medium Tank

When Germany invaded France in 1940, the army only had 430 it could use in the defence of the invasion. However there were simply not enough of them to slow the German Army.

Germany captured these vehicles when France surrendered. They were used by the Ocupy Forces as a security patrol, training vehicle, passed on to Italaian Forces or their turrets were mounted on the Atlantic Wall defence.

The French Somau S-35 Medium Tank Specifications

Armaments: x1 47mm Main Gun x1 7.5mm MG
Armour: max 40mm steel
Crew: 3
Dimensions: Length 5.38m / Width 2.12m / Height 2.62m
Weight: 19.5 tonne
Engine: SOMUA V8 190hp Petrol
Top Road Speed: 40 km/h
Range: 230 km