The German Dingo 2 MRAP Family

The original Dingo was a private project Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) yielding its first prototypes from 1995 onwards. Pre-production vehicles followed and in 1999 the German Army placed an order for 56 vehicles.  Since then they have ordered more, bring the total deliveries up to 137.

The vehicles armoured crew compartment, which is referred to by the manufacturer as the ‘cell’ is mounted on the Mercedes Benz Unimog 2ton all terrain chassis which has had a V-Shape bottom added as associated with MRAP class vehicles.

The German Dingo 2 MRAP Family

The vehicle is an upgraded version of the original Dingo. It uses a Mercedes-Benz U5000 chassis and the German Army placed its first order of 52 vehicle, with deliveries starting in 2005.

The main focus in the development and continuous improvement of the DINGO 2 lies in protecting the crew thanks to its modular structure, which can accommodate various armoured tiles, but currently uses MEXAS armour.

The manufacturer states that the innovative design of the crew safety cell makes the V-Shape bottom obsolete. KMW guarantees direct crew protection from blasts and ballistic threats through this safety cell. A mine-proof seat system prevents the transfer of explosion energy to crew members.

The German Dingo 2 MRAP Family Variants

Dingo 2 Patrol

The German Dingo 2 MRAP

This DINGO 2 version is the basis of the DINGO family of armoured vehicles. It can accomidate up to eight crew members and their equipment, with self protection given via a FLW 100/FLW 200 remote-controlled weapon stations, capable of mounting either a 7.62mm MG or 12.7mm MG or grenade launcher. The vehicle crew is thereby capable of operating the weapon station precisely and effectively from within the protected interior of the vehicle.

DINGO 2 Ambulance & Emergency Vehicle

Vehicle can accomidate up to three reclining or four seated injured persons, giving them the same high level of protection and mobility as with all DINGO 2 variants. It has state-of-the-art emergency equipment and can be used to transport contaminated persons, which KMW claim is the first time this has been done.

DINGO 2 NBC Reconnaissance

This special-purpose vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors for the reconnaissance and rapid identification of nuclear and chemical warfare agents.

Equipment used:

Remote-controlled system for soil
and air sampling
Multi-Sensor-System (MSS)
Radiological detection system
Mass spectrometer
User-friendly online analysis system
Digital data transmission
Warfare agent indication system
Meteorological station

DINGO 2 PickUp

Flexible cargo system with platform, canvas cover or twist locks, and high payload are the key characteristics of the DINGO 2 Pickup. This is an ideal platform for demanding transport and logistic missions as well as supporting other members of the DINGO 2 family.

Payload of up to three tons
Safety cell for three crew members
With platform or twist lock system for containers
Self-protection with remote-controlled weapon stations

DINGO 2 Ground Surveillance Radar (GSR)

DINGO 2 GSR a powerful mast mounted radar system has been integrated onto a wheeled vehicle with high tactical mobility. It detects and identifies vehicle movements and individuals in a radius of up to 40 km.

Automatic area surveillance of ground targets
Very accurate target acquisition, identification, classification, and tracking Integration into C3 networks
Hybrid navigation system
Space for four crew members

DINGO 2 recovery vehicle

This vehicle combines high performance capability with speed. With a hydraulic 10-ton recovery winch – the DINGO 2 is suitable for any incapacitated vehicle up to the weight class of the DINGO 2 during towing operation. The new vehicle weighs 17.5 tons  Like all of the DINGO 2 vehicles that are already in the field, the 3-man crew can rely on the high level of protection The vehicle can also be equipped with the standardized KMW FLW 100 (remote-controlled light weapon station).

DINGO 2 GSI mobile workshop

the mobile workshop is equipped with an integrated storage system on the payload area in which tools, machinery and wearing and spare parts can be transported. Moreover, the DINGO 2 GSI has its own generator to produce electricity. To protect themselves all 44 DINGO 2 GSI vehicles have a remote controlled KMW-FLW 100 light weapon station. It has upto a 2 tons payload. The all-protected crew cabin accomidates three people (driver, gunner and maintenance sergeant).


Almost 1000 DINGOs in different versions, from ambulances over NBC reconnaissance vehicles and mobile command posts to reconnaissance and patrol vehicles, are in service with six European nations – Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg and Norway.

The most recent purchases are by Norway for 20 in November 2011 and Germany in April 2011 of an additional 39 Patrol vehicles. Iraq has also purchased 5 Dingo 1’s.

Combat History

Several international users rely on its optimal balance of protection, mobility and payload. Both DINGO models demonstrated their outstanding performance on extremely difficult terrains and under extreme climatic conditions during operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina (SFOR), Macedonia (TFF), Kosovo (KFOR), Lebanon (UNIFIL), Chad (now MINURCAT) and last but not least in Afghanistan (ISAF). Both the ease of air transfer and the high tactical mobility of the DINGO are significant advantages for these deployments.