The German M48A2GA2 Tank & Super M48 Tank upgrades


The German company Wegmann (Kassel) rebuilt 650 M48 series tanks to a new configuration known as the M48A2GA2. All vehicles were delivered between June 1978 and November 1980.

The modifications include the replacement of the 90mm Main Gun with a 105mm L7A3 rifled gun as installed in the Leopard 1, a thermal sleeve for the main armament, a new gun travelling lock, a new commander’s cupola, modified ammunition stowage, passive night vision equipment for the driver, commander and gunner and modifications to the fire-control system.

The Super M48

Growing on the companies success of the M48A2GA2, Krauss Maffei and Wegmann developed a further upgrade package for the M48 series and did not attract any purchases, thou five prototype of the Super M48 were built.

The upgrades included:

MOLF 48 Fire Control System
L7A3 105mm Rifled Main Gun
New electro-hydraulic gun/turret drive and weapon stabilisation system
New roof-mounted primary gunner’s with day and night channels
New power pack comprised of a 1000hp MTU MB 837 Ea-500 V12 diesel engine and Renk RK-304 automatic transmission with 4 forward and 4 reverse gears
modular appliqué armour
Smoke grenade launchers