The Japanese Type 2 Medium Tank

Japanese Type 2 Medium Tank

Like the Type 1, the Type 2 Medium Tank was also used as an infantry support vehicle and built on the same chassis. It used a low-velocity gun but was a larger calibre than the one used on the Type 1. Some people also refer to this vehicle as a self-propelled gun (artillery). It entered service in 1943, with short production run of just 30 vehicles.


Armament: x1 75mm Main Gun & x1 7.7mm MG
Armour: 50mm steel (frontal)
Crew: x5
Dimensions: Length 5.73m / Width 2.33m  / Height 2.58m
Weight: 16.1 tonne
Engine: 240hp Mitsubishi Type 100 V-12
Top Road Speed: 44km/h
Operational Range: 100km