The North Korean Pokpung-Ho Tank

The North Korean Pokpung-Ho Tank

Western security reports tend to indicate in the public eye that most of the North Korean forces resources focus on artillery systems, mostly rockets, however indigenous tanks have been spotted in national public day parades which resemble Russian tanks, like The North Korean Pokpung-Ho Tank.

Due to the shroud of secrecy and self imposed isolation, much is not known about these tanks, however the parades give the West the opportunity to track the evolution of North Korean tanks.

One such tank has been the Pokpung-Ho aka the M-2002, is believed to have entered production in 2002. South Korean analyst’s state the vehicle being a further development of the T-62 and has an additional road wheel and was publicly paraded on North Korean state TV during the summer of 2010.

They believe the vehicle is equipped with a locally produced 115mm or 125mm main gun. It has IR search lights, a modern Fire Control System (has a wind sensor) and laser range finder. It also has a new 14.5mm roof mounted MG. It has a new distinct wedge shaped armour on the front of the turret and will contribute to the already 800 T-62 and locally produced based on the T-62 tanks already in service during 2010.

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