The Romanian TABC-79 4×4 Wheeled APC

Romanian TABC-79 4×4 Wheeled APC

The TABC-79, aka ABC-79M is a Romanian 4×4 wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier. Developed and manufactured by ROMARM SA, the vehicle uses/shares many components of the 8×8 wheeled Russian TAB-71 & TAB-77.

The driver sits front left and the commander to his right. Behind them is the one man turret mounting a Machine Gun bring the crew up to a total of 3. 4 troops are located behind the turret and exit via a single door in the rear. There are also various roof hatches on the vehicle.

Standard steel construction gives protection against artillery splinter shells and Machine Gun fire. The vehicle also has full NBC protection. The one man turret mounts a 14.5mm main gun and a coaxial 7.62mm MG.

The vehicle is fully amphibious using a front trim vein and powered by a single water jet in the rear.


Dimension: Length  5.65m /  Width  2.8m / Height 2.33m
Weight: 8.5 tonne
Engine: 154hp diesel 798.05N2 turbo-charged
Top Road Speed: 80km/h
Operational Range: 700km’s

Rest of the Family

TAB-79A PCOMA: Artillery observation post
TAB-79AR: Self-propelled 82mm mortar mounted inside vehicle
TAB RCH-84: Nuclear & chemical reconnaissance vehicle. Carriers flag dispenser system to mark out safe routes through contaminated area’s.
AM 425: Latest version of vehicle using a new chassis


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