The Russian BTR-82 8×8 Wheeled APC

BTR-82A IFV on the left (note longer gun) and BTR-82 APC on the right

The Russian BTR-82 8×8 Wheeled APC is not a new APC, but rather a modernisation of the BTR-80, which has been very successful on the export market with less affluent nations thanks to its lower price tag.  Like the T-90 Main Battle Tank, which could be built from new or applied as an upgrade to T-72’s, the BTR-82 is offered as either a new build or applied as an upgrade.


The BTR-82 retains the BTR-80’s 14.5mm Machine Gun with a coaxial 7.62mm MG but mounted in the same BPPU turret from the BTR-80A. However its now fitted with a full stabilization allowing accurate firing on the move in all conditions thanks to the new day and night sights.


Though externally the all steel construction which gives protection against Machine Gun fire and artillery splinters looks unchanged, improvements against mines and IED’s have been added to the lower hull. On examining video footage, the manufacturer has confirmed that spalled liners similar to Kevlar have been fitted to the inside of the hull giving better all round protection.


The vehicle has also been fitted with a new 300hp engine and suspension system, which reportedly offers the ability to absorb the energy form a mine. It retains the same fully amphibious capabilities of the earlier BTR-80.

Production and Operators

BTR-82A IFV on the right (note longer gun) and BTR-82 APC on the left

First examples unveiled to the public was during 2009 by the Russian manufacturer, Military Industrial Company (MIC). The vehicle is in service with Kazakhstan.