The US T30 Heavy Tank & T34 Heavy Tank

The US T30 Heavy Tank & T34 Heavy Tank – Pictured Vehicle is a T30

The US T30 Heavy Tank & T34 Heavy Tank were developed at the same time as the T29, however the T30 had two differences in the principle three design aspects of a tank, its mobility and firepower.

The main gun was a staggering calibre 155mm and its engine was a V-12 Continental  rather than the T29 Ford.

The T7 main gun required a two part ammunition, which was the shell loaded and then the case charge. Both were loaded with a power rammer.


Armament: x1 T7 155mm main gun
Armour: Unknown (steel)
Crew: 6
Dimensions: Length 7.62m / Width 3.81m / Height 3.23m
Weight: 106 tonne
Engine: Continental AV-1790-3 petrol 810hp
Speed: 27km/h
Range: Unknown


The T34 was another development of the T30, however it was equipped with a 120mm main gun.


Both vehicles were built as prototypes during 1945, however never entered serial production.