The Osprea Mamba MkV MRAP

Over 1,000 earlier Mk Mamba’s were originally built in South Africa and are still in service in military combat and peace keeping operations across the African continent and the World. Only Osprea now has the license to produce the Mamba and have developed a new improved version, the MkV.

The Osprea Mamba MkV MRAP has, amongst other improvements:

Turbo Charged Engine developing 127Kw of power

B7 protection instead of B6, to bring it up to current threats levels and expectations, and additional armoured elements

Leaf springs and shocks to eliminate body-roll.

Heavier duty axles to lift its overall carry capacity from 6,000kg to 12,000Kg GVM with 4,500Kg payload

Strengthened Cabin Roof to carry heavier weapons systems up to 20mm

Option for two front doors in addition to the rear

Smaller windows for operational security

Removable engine bay to provide for ease of engine change, and alternative drive-lines

Option for improved, water-cooled Casspircompatible, Mercedes Benz drive-line or air-cooled Samil-compatible Magirus

Permanent 4×4

The Osprea Mamba MkV MRAP Specifications


Air cooled 4 stroke direct injected turbo-charged diesel engine
Type Magirus/Iveco
Deutz BF6L9l3F Turbo
Cylinders 6 in -line
Displacement 6,128 cc
Power 127kW (172Hp) @ 2800 rpm
Torque 51.8mkh @ 1600 rpm
Coolant Air
Fuel Diesel
Power:Wgt Ratio (kw/ton)

Power Control

Gearbox S6-36 synchromesh gearbox
Gears 6 forward, 1 reverse
with PTO facility
Transfer Case ZF-Z65 with high & low ratio
Drive Permanent 4×4

Details and Performance

L:W:H (mm) 5140: 2450: 2650 mm
Tare mass 7,700 kg
Manufacturers GVM 12,200 kg
Maximum Payload 4,500 kg
Ground Clearance 350 mm
Top Speed Kph 105 kph
Sustained Road Speed 90 kph
Acceleration 0-60 Kph (seconds) 19.5 sec
Acceleration 30-60 Kph (seconds) 13 sec
Turning Circle (m): Radius 13 : 6.5 m
Range >850Km
Gradient ability 70%
Vertical Step Up 600 mm
Fording depth 1200 mm
Crew Capacity up to 2+9
Variants Command Vehicle – Ambulance
Police Patrol/Escort – VIP Escort – Mortar Platform


Monocoque V-Shaped welded steel hull accommodating up to 11 occupants

B7, capable of stopping 7.62x54R AP (PKM)
2 x TM-57 (14kg of TNT) under hull
3 x TM-57 (21kg of TNT) under any wheel
Spare payload allows for further up-armouring with ceramics or slat armour
Armoured Spare Wheel Protection
Armoured side bins for additional IED protection
Armoured Fuel Tanks