The Russian BRM-3K Lynx (Rys) Reconnaissance Vehicle

The Russian BRM-3K Lynx (Rys) Reconnaissance Vehicle is based on the Russian BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Though externally similar to the BMP-3, it can be recognised by the lack of the 100mm main gun and the x2 bow MG’s at the front of the hull. It also can be recognised by the x2 boxes mounted one either side of the turret, which are sighting equipment.

Development started in 1993 and its believed that its in low number production. The chassis of the BRM combat reconnaissance vehicle is provided by the Kurgan Machine Construction Plant, which is the prime contractor for the chassis, while the systems integrator is the PO Rubtsovskiy Machine Building Plant.

The turret has retained the 30mm chain gun and coaxial 7.62mm MG. The crew is protected against bullets and projectiles by the armoured steel hull and turret, as well as being equipped with an NBC protection system.

The vehicle retains the three crew seats and hatches at the front of the vehicle with the centre one being for the driver.

The Russian BRM-3K Lynx (Rys) Reconnaissance Vehicle  can carry out the following missions:

1 Surveillance of the terrain, search, detection and identification of the ground (surface), fixed, moving and concealed targets

2 Determination of target rectangular co-ordinates within 360° with an accuracy of 20 m

3 Continuous computation of navigational data and indication of the directional angle to the assigned point of destination

4 Round-the-clock radio communications at a range of 100 km whilst moving and up to 350 km when stationary

5 Establishment of an observation post at up to 500 m from the BRM vehicle by means of wire communication or up to 6 km by means of a portable UHF station

6 Engaging air and land targets while the BRM is stationary or moving under both day and night conditions.