The Russian T-37 Light Amphibious Tank

T-37 Light Amphibious Tank

Though most tanks can propel themselves in the water by their tracks, its not as efficient as a propeller.  The Russian T-37 Light Amphibious Tank had a propeller fitted with a steering rudder. This meant it had the advantage of speed whilst crossing waters and the thrust needed in turbulent to stay afloat. It was lightly armoured and had a one man turret with a Machine Gun mounted.

Its amphibious capabilities and light weight made it in principal a good reconnaissance vehicle when production commenced in 1933, however when it went up against the invading German Army in 1941 many were lost as it was used for supporting the Russian Infantry.


Armament: x1 7.62mm MG
Armour: 4mm steel (frontal)
Crew: x2
Dimensions: Length 3.75m / Width 2.1m  / Height 1.82m
Weight: 3.2 tonne
Engine: 65bhp GAZ 4-cylinder petrol
Top Road Speed: 56km/h
Operational Range: 185km