The Stormer Armoured Personnel Carrier

The Alvis Scorpion CVR(T) family had been a great success and an establishment research team built a prototype using many components of the CVR(T) in the late 70’s. Alvis then when on to develop this prototype into what is now designated the Stormer in 1981. The Stormer was an export vehicle, with an extended hull, which meant it had 6 road wheels, rather than the 5 used by the other CVR(T) vehicles.

Starstreak Anti-Aircraft

The Stormer Armoured Personnel Carrier entered production in 1982 for the Malaysian Armed Forces. They purchased 25, of which 12 were fitted with the FVT900 turret which housed a 20mm auto cannon and coaxial 7.62mm MG for close encounters and the others fitted with the TH-1 turret, which had a 7.62mm MG in 1983. Oman also purchased the vehicle.

Indonesia purchased the vehicle in a number of variants, including APC, AVLB, command post, re-supply and ambulance.

In 1986, the British Army selected the Stormer for two roles:

Starstreak Anti-Aircraft

1. The Starstreak High-Velocity Missile system AKA  – SP HVM. it’s a medium range Anti-Aircraft, which consists of two roof mounted pods, each pod containing 4 missiles, with an additional 12 missiles inside the vehicle.

2. Recon vehicle for the SP HVM.

In 1995 the Stormer vehicle was equipped with the US Alliant Techsystems M163 Volcano system and designated the Shielder Anti-Tank Mine dispenser. Its made up of 40 tube launchers, each containing 6 mines. It entered service in 1999.

The Stormer, like many APC/light vehicle is made of all aluminium, which gives the same protection as steel, but is lighter in weight than steel, offering increased mobility with protection from small arms fire and artillery splinters. They come with an NBC protection.

The commander sits on the left with driver in front of him and the engine to the drivers right. The engine is the Perkins T6/3544 water cooled 6 cylinder turbocharged diesel with a 250bhp output. It has a 650km range with a top road speed of 80km/h.The vehicle is amphibious with preparation.

The rear compartment houses the turret, which is manned by an additional crewman bring them up to 3. The rear troop compartment in the APC variant carries 8 troops.

The vehicle is still marketed by BAE who purchased Alvis, in many variants with various turret configurations.