The American M37 Self Propelled Gun

The American M37 Self Propelled Gun

The T76 prototype was an amalgamation of elements from in service vehicles, notably the M24 Chaffee tank chassis and the 105mm calibre howitzer main gun from the M4 Sherman 105 tank.

Compared to other Self Propelled Guns, it had a large structure for the 105mm main gun, giving it a higher elevation than the M4 Sherman 105 and thus a greater range. It was designated the M37 316 of the 448 that were ordered in November 1944 were built. It was also supplied to allied nations and was replaced in service by the M52.

The American M37 Self Propelled Gun Spec’s

Main Gun: 105mm howitzer & x1 .50 cal MG
Armour: 15mm steel
Crew: 7
Dimensions: Length 5.48m, Width 2.99m, Height 2.41m
Weight: 20.86 metric tonne
Engine: 296hp twin Cadillac 44T24
Top Road Speed: 48km/h