International MXT-MV Family

The International MXT-MV Family

The Navistar Defense MXT-MV™ is highly customizable to satisfy a specific mission need, including convoy protection, ambulance, reconnaissance, command and control, and special operations. The MXT features an independent suspension system offering a better ride quality and handling. The MXT-MV is available in armored or unarmored in regular, extended and crew cab versions. The cab can be configured to accommodate as many as six war-fighters in full military gear. The body is also versatile enough to accommodate an array of weapons, navigation and communications systems. Armoring can be tailored to meet the mission requirement.


The rugged, light frame rail system and 4×4 performance ensure personnel and cargo are transported safely and securely. Its aggressive design features headlights that are integrated into the front fenders, rough terrain tires, low step-in height and outstanding 4×4 capabilities. The MXT-MV is ideal for border patrols, recon missions and security details.


In addition to the features of the MXT-MVU, the MXT-MVA has a strong frame design that provides the ability for various levels of up-armoring. And even with the extra weight of the armor, the MXT-MVA has superior maneuvering, hauling and braking capability. The MXT-MVA is also capable of carrying missile systems and other essential combat supplies.

Responding to evolving threats in Afghanistan, the U.K. Ministry of Defense selected Navistar to supply tactical wheeled vehicles. The International MXT based units were procured through the U.K. Tactical Support Vehicle (TSV) program and are called the Husky. The MXT-MV (Husky TSV) is a lighter and more mobile vehicle, specially designed to navigate the rough Afghan terrain, while offering added protection from ballistics fire, mines and Improvised Explosive Devises (IEDs).

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