The SU-122 Assault Gun

The SU-122 Assault Gun of The Kubinka Tank Museum

The SU-122 Assault Gun was developed by The Uralmashzavod – Uralsky Machine Building factory based on earlier failed Russian assault gun projects. Designated the SU-35, UZTM started work on the project in October 1942.

It used the chassis of the Russian T-34 tank (T-34-76) with a fully enclosed superstructure with which the 122mm M-30S howitzer was mounted in and operated by the crew.

The vehicle quickly passed trials and entered production in December 1942, with 25 built in that month alone. It was a successful vehicle with the Russian army as its 122mm main gun could double up its roles of fire-support for the infantry, but could be used in the role of a tank destroyer.

The use of a T-34 chassis also meant a quicker production and easier maintenance on the battlefield.

Production started in December 1942 and by January 1943 the vehicle was deployed to the Leningrad Front. Production ended in the summer of 1944 as bigger and more gnarlier Assault Guns were in production like the SU-122. 1150 SU-122 were built.

The SU-122 Assault Gun Spec’s

Armament: 122mm Main Gun
Armour: 45mm thick sloped steel
Crew: 5
Dimensions: Length 6.95m / Width 3m / Height 2.32m
Weight: 30+ tonne
Engine: 493hp diesel
Top Road Speed: 55 km/h
Operational Range: 300 km