The American HSTV(L) Tank

The American HSTV(L) Tank

In the mid 1970’s the US Armies Tank-Automotive Research and Development Command started work on two designs for a new tank that was lighter and thus gave a much improved level of mobility than those tanks in current army service at the time.

The second design was the “High Survivability Test Vehicle (Lightweight)” aka the HSTV(L) the first prototype was completed in 1980. It used the same 75mm main gun and autoloader as the HIMAG in a very low profile turret. The gunner and driver were located in the front of the hull and had driving controls with semi-reclined seating positions.

The vehicle used an improved version of the older M551 Sheridan Light Tank running gear (tracks and road wheels) and was powered by a gas-turbine engine. The vehicle did not enter service but was further developed in to the RDF/LT (see next entry).


Armament: x1 75mm main gun / x1 7.62mm MG?
Armour: Unknown
Crew: 3
Dimensions: Length 8.53m (including gun) / Width 2.79m / Height 2.41m
Weight: 20.45 tonne
Engine: AVCO Lycoming 650 gas-turbine 650hp
Speed: 83km/h
Range: 160km’s