The Austrian 12M18 truck

Steyr is an Austrian based manufacturer of vehicles, which includes the 12M18 is the standard troop transport of the Austrian Federal Army. In addition, the truck is also used to transport goods.

The Austrian 12M18 truck Spec’s

The Austrian 12M18 truck

Engine: liquid-cooled six – cylinder – 4 – stroke diesel engine with direct injection and turbo-charging
Engine power: 130 kW (177 hp)
Drive: Permanent all-wheel
Design speed: 98 km / h
Range: 700 km
Maximum load: 5150 kg
Total weight: 11500 kg
Facilities: Winch, hydraulic platform

The Austrian 12M18 truck Operators

The vehicle is in service with Greece (as Steyr 14M14) and Thailand. Stewart & Stevenson in HoustonĀ  USA brought the Steyr 12M18 concept and developed it in to the FMTV, which is in US Army service.