The BAE RG-32M Mine Hardened Patrol Vehicle

The RG32M

The BAE RG-32M Mine Hardened Patrol Vehicle

The BAE RG-32M Mine Hardened Patrol Vehicle is capable of fulfilling most roles that require a balance of protection and mobility. The RG32M fulfils a wide spectrum of command, liaison and scouting roles. In a typical patrol mode, it can transport five crew members with their kit, combat stores and special-purpose equipment. A full armoured body variant, which seats up to seven crew, is also available. This includes additional rear protection extended over the rear axle.

Access and egress is through side doors and roof mounted hatches. Armoured windows provide excellent visibility. High levels of tactical mobility are achieved through powerful 135 kW engine, 5-speed automatic transmission and portal axles. Two RG32Ms can be transported in a C-130 aircraft.

Crew and vehicle survivability is achieved through applied systems engineering techniques and by utilising OMC’s unrivalled knowledge base gained from vehicle operations in Africa, Asia, Middle-East and Balkans, in addition to rigorous and systematic field-testing in South Africa, the UK, Sweden and the Middle-East.

Operators – More than 600 RG-32 vehicles are in service worldwide, including with: Finland, South Africa, Sweden, United Nations, Egypt, Ireland and Slovakia.


The BAE RG-32M Mine Hardened Patrol Vehicles – RG32M LTV is an enhanced mine protected variant

The RG32M LTV is an enhanced mine protected variant of the successful RG32M Patrol Vehicle, that provides even better crew safety and blast survivability.

The latest variant incorporates a V-shaped hull that protects the crew against Armour-Piercing (AP) rifle fire and Anti-Tank (AT) mine detonations. The RG32M LTV has a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of only 9.5 tons, classifying it as a light mine protected patrol vehicle that is highly mobile and agile.

The Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) configuration offers more internal crew space than the conventional RG32M, due to its 200mm wider hull and 50mm increased headroom. Windows are externally mounted, providing improved side-blast protection, while also freeing up space inside the cabin. It also features a newly designed load bay, accommodating a variety of mission-specific equipment, and enhancing the vehicle’s versatility.

With its high level of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) content, the RG32M LTV provides a cost effective through-life solution, with a minimal logistics footprint and the ability to be reconfigured with customer-required mission equipment.