The Belgian SIBMAS 6×6 IFV

The Belgian SIBMAS 6×6 IFV was developed and manufactured by BN Constructions Ferroviaires et Metalliques. The first prototype was completed in 1976 and the only operator is the Malaysian Army, who have 162 (as of early 2011) of the original 196 ordered in 1981.

The Belgian SIBMAS 6×6 IFV Variants purchased:

The Belgian SIBMAS 6×6 IFV

CM 90 IFV with two man turret mounting a 90mm main gun and coaxial MG. Driver sits in front of the turret, whilst behind is the troop compartment. This can accommodate 11 troops who exit through a door in the rear, either of the doors on each side or the roof hatch’s. They also have firing ports.

The MAN D 2566 320hp turbo diesel engine is located in the engine compartment at the rear on the left. It gives the vehicle a top road speed of 100km/h and operational range of 1000km. It is fully amphibious, having two propellers mounted on the rear of the vehicle. Combat weight is 18.5 tonne.


Armoured Recover Vehicle has a recovery winch capable of pulling 20 tonne. It has a crane capable of lifting 10.5 tonne and also carries various repair tools. It also has stabilization blades front and rear.

Further info:

Marketing and production ended some time ago after production was swapped to Belgian Mechanical Fabrication in 1985, however it was offered as an ambulance, command post, mortar carrier and cargo carrier.