The Brazilian Bernardini X1A2 Light Tank

The Brazilian Bernardini X1A2 Light Tank was a series of radical upgrades for the Stuart Light Tank for the Brazilian Army done in the 1970s, by Brazilian company Bernardini.


Based on M3A1 Stuart, this design had new engine (280 hp (210 kW) Saab-Scania diesel), improved suspension, new upper hull armour, fire controls and DEFA 90 mm gun in a new turret. 80 vehicles were produced.

An X1A with improved suspension with three bogies (instead of two) each side and raised idler. Didn’t reach production.


Based on the X1A1, this version retained almost nothing of the original Stuart as even its hull was redesigned. The vehicle weighed 19 short tons (17 t), had crew of 3, was armed with 90 mm gun and powered by Saab-Scania 300 hp (220 kW) diesel. 30 vehicles were produced in 1979–1983.