The British Centaur A27L Cruiser Tank

The British Centaur A27L Cruiser Tank

The British Centaur A27L Cruiser Tank was developed and built at the same time as the Cavalier, but by Leyland motors. It used the same Christy Suspension and turret. However the rear engine compartment was designed so that when the Spitfires Meteor engine became available it could retrofitted into the vehicle.

The Mk I mounted the 6pndr (57mm) main gun and Nuffield Liberty engine. The vehicle entered production in 1942.

The Mk III was fitted with the 75mm ROQF Mk V main gun. In 1943, most Mk I’s were converted to the Mk III.

A number of Mk I were fitted with either Anti-Aircraft Turrets housing x2 20mm AA guns. Others were fitted with  a 95mm howitzer and operated by British Royal Marines in the fire support role during the D-Day landings.

When the Meteor engine became available, they were retrofitted into the Centaur and were re-designated the Cromwell.


Armament: x1 56mm Main Gun (or 75mm ROQF Mk V) & up-to x2 7.92mm MG’s
Armour: Up to 76mm steel
Crew: 5
Dimensions: Length 6.35m / Width 2.98m  / Height 2.49m
Weight: 27.43 tonne
Engine: 340bhp Nuffield Liberty V-12 petrol
Top Road Speed: 43 km/h
Operational Range: 265km