The British Matilda I Infantry Tank A11

The British Matilda I Infantry Tank A11 rather anorexic look is due to its low price tag. The Master of the Ordnance, the former General Sir Hugh Elles had placed an order with Vickers to come up with a tank capable of giving close support to the infantry, that was very cheap, as the poor economy of the 1930’s had seen military budgets slashed.

As an infantry support vehicle, it wasn’t a requirement that the vehicle had to have great mobility, just keep up with the footed infantry and have the armoured protection to withstand all known calibre antitank guns the opposing infantry could have.

Though it served in France during 1940 during Dunkirk, its light main gun lacked the offensive capability required later on in the war and the vehicle was withdrawn to the training role with in the Armoured Corps.

The British Matilda I Infantry Tank A11 Spec’s

Main Gun: 7.7mm MG or 12.7mm
Armour: 10 to 60mm
Crew: 2
Dimensions: Length 4.85m, Width 2.86m, Height 1.86m
Weight: 11tons
Engine: Ford V-8 petrol 70bhp
Top Speed: 12.8km/h
Range: 129km