The British Medium Mark C Tank

The British Medium Mark C Tank

The British Medium Mark C Tank was developed for production in 1918 as the last British tank to lack a suspension system, only 25 were built and never made it to France due to the signing of the Armistice. Aka the Hornet the vehicle was built more to the requirements of the tank crews of earlier tanks. The commander had a traversable cupola on the top of the vehicle. It was also designed to have better overall mobility than the Liberty.

The “male” version which wasn’t built was intended to have a 40 calibre Length, 57mm main gun, of which 2000 were planed to have been built and 4000 females.

The British Medium Mark C Tank Spec’s

Armaments: x4 7.62mm Machine Guns (Female)
Armour: 6 – 14mm steel
Crew: 4
Dimension: Length 7.86m / Width 2.71m / Height 2.94m
Weight: 20 tonne
Engine: Ricardo 6-cylinder 150bhp petrol
Top Road Speed: 12.64km/h
Operational Range: 120km

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