The British Mk IV Light Tank

The Mk IV Light Tank was a new Vickers design incorporating some of the elements of the Mk II, such as a one man turret mounting a .303 MG as its main gun and Horstmann suspension, which had been modified.

The modification saw the number of return rollers reduced to 1 and incorporated in to the first bogie. The single rear idler was removed and the second bogie’s rear wheel was lowered to act as the idler as well as a road wheel giving the tracks a new distinct triangular shape.

Trials were conducted in 1933 and entered service in 1934 with the British Army who ordered around 40. By the time World War 2 had broken out, the vehicle was obsolete and used for training British crews.


Main Gun: .303 MG
Armour: 4 to 12mm
Crew: 2
Dimensions: Length 3.40m, Width 2.06m, Height 2.13m
Weight: 4.6tons
Engine: Meadows V-6 petrol 88bhp
Top Speed: 56km/h
Range: 200km