The British T244 Truck

The British T244 Truck

The British T244 Truck is a 4 wheeled flatbed truck operated by the British Army. Developed and manufactured by Leyland since 1989, some 5350 vehicles were ordered.

The front cab can seat three crew and has a sleeping berth for the driver. The engine is located under the cab. In the roof is a hatch which a standard L7 GPMG can be mounted for passengers to operate.

The flatbed had a removable canvas cover and foldable dropdown sides and tailgate. As a troop transporter, these remain attached and accommodates 20 troops seated on benches.

When removed, pallets, containers, workshop structures, tankers and other specialist equipment such as road track layer can be mounted on the flatbed.

The vehicle can tow a trailer and load up to 1.5 tonne.

The British T244 Truck Spec’s

Engine: Leyland DAF 5.9litre turbo diesel developing 145hp
Transmission: Turner T5-350 with 5 forward and 1 reverse gear
Braking System: Air over hydraulic dual line
Steering: Power steering LHD/RHD available
Max-Load: 4,200kg (4.2 tonnes)
Electrical System: 24 volt
Length: 6.65m
Height: 3.43m
Width: 2.50m
G.V.W.: 16,260kg