The British Vector Protected Patrol Vehicle

The British Vector Protected Patrol Vehicle

The British Vector Protected Patrol Vehicle Background

The Pinzgauer was originally developed in the late 1960s by Austrian firm Steyr-Daimler-Puch. In 2000 the rights to the vehicle were sold to Automotive Technik Ltd (ATL) in the UK. ATL was purchased  by Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc. who then became a subsidiary of the aerospace and defence group Armour Holdings, Inc and in 2007 Armour Holdings was bought by BAE Systems.

The Pinzgauer  has been heavily exported and used by a large number of nations military, including the British Army, who deployed the vehicle to Afghanistan as part of Operation Herric.

The British Vector Protected Patrol Vehicle Service

A new armoured version called the “Vector” entered service in the British Army in early 2007, as part of an effort to provide safer patrol vehicles for troops in Afghanistan. The 6×6 Vector PPV (Protected Patrol Vehicle), according to the manufacturer, “Build on the existing proven design, with enhancements that will include a combination of physical protection, as well as the use of sophisticated electronic counter measures to maximise survivability while on patrol” and was seen to replace the over weighted Land Rover SNATCH.

However in April 2009 Defence Secretary John Hutton told the Commons Defence Committee that Vector had now been withdrawn because of unspecified “mechanical and technical issues”.

Vector is now utilised as a command vehicle and troop carrier and for both urban and rural patrolling since the introduction of better armoured MRAPS and Patrol Vehicles like Mastiff. It has the capacity to mount two General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMG) on the roof using Platt Mounts for mobile fire support, if required.

Vector also has a bespoke ambulance variant in order to match the mobility of the convoys the vehicle supports. Its understood that 184 vehicles are in service with the British Army.

The British Vector Protected Patrol Vehicle Spec’s

Crew 2 + 4
Dimensions 5.3 m (L) x 2.1 m (H) x 1.8 m (W)
Weight 6,600 kg
Engine VW 5-cylinder Euro 3