The Canadian MLVW Truck

The Canadian MLVW Truck

Canadian Forces Land Force Command adopted license built versions of the US M35 (and M36 variant) military trucks in 1982, which were built in Canada by Bombardier. As of 2008, the trucks, designated MLVW (Medium Logistics Vehicle, Wheeled) were still in service.

Canadian vehicles featured an automatic transmission, six wheels instead of ten (using single wheels on the tandem rear axles instead of dual wheels), and an ether-start for winter operations.

The Canadian MLVW Truck Replacement

Canada had been investigating a replacement under the Medium Support Vehicle System Project, and a vehicle has been selected, the US Navistar International 7000.

The Canadian MLVW Truck Combat History

The MLVW’s were initially not deployed with Canadian Forces in Afghanistan because of their lack of armour protection. An armour kit was subsequently developed leading to a limited deployment of the vehicles.