The Chilean Rayo MLRS

The Chilean Rayo MLRS is an attempt by Chile to develop an indigenous MLRS system for the Chilean Army and export market. Janes in 2005 stated that the system was a joint project with what is now BAE Systems, however there is no record of the system on the detailed products menu on their website service.

Its believed that the vehicles development was cancelled in 2002, however on the 14th of April 2003, the Chilean Army Department of Communication had placed detailed information on the system on the Chilean Armies official website.

The system comprises the launcher mounted on a 6×6 SX class MAN truck. The launcher contains two pods, each containing 12x 160mm calibre launching tubes.

A spanner has been thrown in the works as far as the development of the system by the reported purchase of the Israeli LAR-160 MLRS system in 2008 by the Chilean Army. However there is no record of this in the press releases of both IMI (LAR-160 manufacturer) or the Chilean Army.