The Chinese SH2 122mm Self Propelled Gun

The Chinese SH2 122mm Self Propelled Gun

The Chinese SH2 122mm Self Propelled Gun is a 6×6 truck-mounted artillery system developed by China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO). The vehicle was first revealed during the 2007 Abu Dhabi International Defence Exhibition.

The main armament of the SH2 artillery system is a 122mm howitzer. The electric-operated howitzer has an elevation range of 0 – 70° and an azimuth range of +/- 30°. The howitzer has a rate of fire of 6 – 8 rounds a min. There are 24 rounds carried onboard the vehicle.

The howitzer has a maximum firing range of 22km when using the NORINCO Extended-Range, Full-Bore, Hollow-Base (ERFB-HB) round, or 27km when using the NORINCO Extended-Range, Full-Bore, Rocket-Assisted (ERFB-RA) round. T

The artillery is mounted on a 6X6 wheeled chassis with a maximum road speed of over 90km/h and a maximum range of 600km. The vehicle is fitted with a central-inflating system.

The artillery system is operated by a crew of 4~5 people, and has a combat weight of 11.5 tonnes. The system can transform between travelling and combat mode within 45-50 seconds. A typical mission of transforming from travelling mode to combat mode, firing six rounds, and transforming back to the travelling mode can be completed with 2 minutes.

The vehicle is equipped with two hydraulically operated stabilisers which are lowered in preparation for firing.

The SH2 is also equipped with a computerised fire-control system, including GPS navigation and positioning, targeting, and communications systems, all of which adopt the modular design for easy maintenance and upgrade. The artillery is used within a C4ISR network at company or battalion level.

The Chinese SH2 122mm Self Propelled Gun Specifications

Calibre: 122mm
Gun elevation: 0-70°
Rate of fire: 6-8 rounds/min
Firing range: 22km (ERFB-HB); 27km (ERFB-RA)
Combat weight: 11.5 tonnes
Chassis arrangement: Wheeled, 6X6
Road speed: 90km/h
Ground clearance: 400mm
Engine: 160kW diesel
Crew: 4-5