The Chinese W653 & W653A aka Type 84 ARV

The Chinese W653 & W653A aka Type 84 ARV

The Chinese W653 & W653A aka Type 84 ARV

The Type 73 was the first Armoured Recovery Vehicle produced by the PLA, but was some what primitive. The W653 was the second ARV produced under the designation W653 during 1982 and built on a Type 69-II hull.

The vehicle was never adopted by the PLA but a small quantity were sold to Thailand and manufactured under licence in Bangladesh starting in 1993.

The W653A aka Type 84

Modifications on the W653A/Type 84 include a re-designed spade for the uses in frozen soil condition in northern China during winter season, a 180 litres auxiliary diesel tank, and improved driver observation window.

The W653A/Type 84 was built on the chassis of the Type 69-III (Type 79) MBT and entered PLA service in 1984.

The W653B aka Type 84

This vehicle has seen the engine upgraded to 730hp giving a top road speed of 55km/h. Its status is not known.

The Chinese W653 & W653A aka Type 84 ARV Layout

The W653 is capable of hauling 70 tons of Main battle Tank, as well as undertake major repairs such as changing power-packs, clearing obstacles and preparing fire positions.

Standard equipment includes a front-mounted hydraulically-operated dozer blade, a hydraulic crane on the right side (capable of lifting 10 tons), a main winch with a capacity of 70 tons, an auxiliary winch, tools, tow bars and cables.

The driver compartment is located in the left front. An infrared search light is provided for driving at night. As well as driving the vehicle, the driver is also responsible for operating the main and auxiliary winch and the spade.
The crew compartment is located in the middle of the videlicet to accommodate four crew members: commander and three mechanics.

A hatch is located on the top of the compartment for the commander to observe and operate the roof-mounted 12.7mm antiaircraft machine gun. A door is located on the back of the compartment for the use of other crew.

The engine compartment is located in the rear of the vehicle, with two transmissions to power the propulsions and the hydraulics system, which in turn drives the two winches, the hoist boom, and the spade.

The main recovery winch is located in the middle of the vehicle under the crew compartment unwinds to front. It can be used independently, or in cooperation with pulleys. The auxiliary winch is located on the left fender. It is normally used to pull the cable of the main recovery winch to the vehicle to be recovered.

The Chinese W653 & W653A aka Type 84 ARV Specifications

Chassis: Type 69-II (W653); Type 70 (Type 84/WZ653A)
Crew: 5 (Commander, driver, and three mechanics)
Combat weight: 38 tonnes
Dimensions: Length: 7.300m; Width: 3.300m (with hull skirt) or 3.270m (without hull skirt); Height: 2.340m (without machine gun) or 3.000m (with machine gun)
Max speed: 50km/h
Average speed: 27~30km/h (on road); or 22~25km/h (off road)
Max fuel capacity: 1,041 litres (Type 84); 861 litres (W653)
Max range: 450km (Type 84); 370 km (W653)
Fording: 1.4m
Trench crossing: 2.7m
Max gradient: 58%
Engine: 580hp 12150L-7BW
Power/weight ratio: 11.2 kW/t
Transmission: Mechanical, planetary
Track: Metallic
Suspension: Torsion bar
Radio: 889 receive/transmit radio; 130 m telephone
NBC protection: No
Night vision: Infrared 60~90 m
Fire suppression: Automatic and semi-automatic
Main recovery winch capacity: 32~35 tonnes (without pulley); or 64~70 tonnes (with pulley)
Winch cable length: 130m (main winch); or 260m (auxiliary winch)
Boom capacity: 20 tonnes
Boom max lift height: 6m
Boom elevation range: 0~60 degree
Boom azimuth range: 360 degree
Max towing capacity: 25 tonnes
Weapon: One 12.7mm Type 69 antiaircraft machine gun, 500 round