The Chinese XC2030 Truck

The Chinese XC2030 Truck

The Chinese XC2030 Truck is a reversed engineered Mercedes-Benz 2026 truck. This was completed by the former Chongqing-based 256 Factory. First completed vehicles were ready in 1982 and by 1986 serial production had commenced with the vehicle using imported ZF mechanical gearbox and KHD413 air-cooled diesel technologies from West Germany. The vehicle is capable of carrying 8 tons of supplies as well as towing artillery guns.

The Chinese XC2030 Truck Operators:

Sri Lanka

The Chinese XC2030 Truck Specifications:

Seating: 1+2
Configuration: 6X6
Weight (laden, road): 20,000kg
Weight (laden, off-road): 19,000kg
Weight (unladen): 11,000kg
Max load (road): 9,000kg
Max load (off-road): 8,000kg
Max towed load: N/A
Length: 9.422m
Width: 2.500m
Height: 3.200m
Wheel base: 4.100m + 1.450m
Max speed: 85km/h
Tyres: 14.00 X 20