The Croatian LOV 4×4 Wheeled APC

The Croatian LOV 4×4 Wheeled APC

The Croatian LOV 4×4 Wheeled APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) was developed by the Torpedo Company and manufactured by the sub division of Croatian heavy industry firm Đuro Đaković to meet the needs of the Croatian Army. Development of the vehicle started in 1992 utilizing an existing Torpedo truck chassis.


Driver sits front left and Commander on the right with the engine in front of him. Troop section is in the rear of the vehicle and access is via two doors in the rear. Machine Gun cupola is accessed vis troop section.


The vehicle is an all-welded steel construction proofed against 7.62mm machine gun fie and artillery shell splinters. The vehicle can be fitted with an NBC protection system for the embarked troops/crew.


The standard APC has a traversable gun mount with a Heavy Machine Gun. The gunner has a protective shield that runs along both his sides and rear.

The Croatian LOV 4×4 Wheeled APC Variants

LOV-IZV reconnaissance
LOZ-Z command
LOZ-ABK NBC reconnaissance
LOV-RAKL 128mm rocket launcher
LOV-ED electronic warfare

The Croatian LOV 4×4 Wheeled APC Spec’s

Crew: 2 (+10 troops)
Configuration: 4×4
Armaments: .50cal MG
Length: 5.89m
Width: 2.39m
Height: 1.98m
Ground Clearance: 0.315m
Combat Weight: 8.2 tonne
Power To Weight Ratio: 15.85hp/tonne
Engine: Deutz BT6L 912S
Top Road Speed: 110km/h
Operational Range: 500 – 700km
Fuel Capacity: 170 litres
Fording: 1m
Vertical Obstacle: 0.5m
Trench Crossing: Unknown
Gradient: 65%
Side Slope: 35%
Armour Type: Steel