The Czech Skoda Tankette

The S-1 was Czech Firm Skoda’s Tankette designed for the indigenousness and export market. First vehicles were seen in 1936. It had a 2 man crew, driver and gunner who operated the two forward facing Machine Guns.

The S-1 wasn’t a very successful vehicle, however its improved version the S-1d was. It had a raised superstructure with a 37mm main gun and an MG. First seen in 1938, the vehicle was exported to Romania and Yugoslavia under the designation T-32.

The Czech Skoda Tankette

The Czech Skoda Tankette Spec’s

Armament: x2 7.92mm MG’s
Armour: 15mm steel
Crew: 2
Dimensions: Length 2.98m / Width 1.85m / Height 1.3m
Weight: 3 tonne
Engine: 40bhp Skoda 4-cylinder petrol
Top Road Speed: 42km/h
Operational Range: 200km

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