The Egyptian Kader Walid 4×4 APC

The Egyptian Kader Walid 4×4 APC (Armoured Personnel Carrie)r, has an open top superstructure on a license built German Magirus Deutz chassis. The superstructure was later modified for other variants.

Developed in the 1960’s it was used by the Egyptian Army in a number of Arab Wars. It was replaced in service with the Egyptian Kader Fahd, however is still in service with Burundi, Sudan and Yemen.


The Egyptian Kader Walid 4×4 APC

APC – 8 to 10 troops could be carried in the rear. They could mount a forward facing Machine Gun above the driver/commanders cab and had firing ports along the hull side.

Mine Layer – Mines slid down a rear ramp to sit on the earth as it had no entrenching device.

Multiple Launch Rocket System – Launcher had either x12 80mm D-3000 rockets with a range of 2.5km’s or x6 122mm D-6000 rockets.


Crew: Driver & Commander plus x8 troops
Dimensions: Length 6.12m / Width 2.57m / Height 2.3m
Engine: 168hp diesel
Top road speed: 86mk/h
Max road range: 800km
Wading: No amphibious capability
Weight: 12 tonne (combat)
Protection: Steel against 7.62mm MG fire