The Finnish E-Tech 480 Tank Transporter

The Finnish E-Tech 480 Tank Transporter

Sisu Auto is a Finnish truck company. Its name comes from the Finnish word sisu meaning guts, grit and determination. Sisu Auto subsidiary company SISU Defence produces high mobility tactical vehicles for military use and one of these is The Finnish E-Tech 480 tank transporter.

The tractor looks very similar to the Renault TRM 700-100 tank transporters, this is because it uses a Renault cab, which has two sleeper bunks and provides accommodation only for driver and co-driver.

The vehicle is powered by a 480hp Mack EUP 12 diesel engine. It can pull a semi-trailer supporting 50 tonnes of armoured vehicle.

The vehicle has been operated by the French Army since 2003, who have a total of 110.

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