The Finnish ItPsv 90 SPAAG

The Finnish ItPsv 90 SPAAG is a Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun system. Its a British Marksman Turret integrated into a Polish T-55AM tank hull. The ItPsv 90 provides low-level air-defense for tank battalions against anti-tank helicopters. Finland owns 7 of these vehicle since 1990. Since 2010 they have been put in storage.

The Finnish ItPsv 90 SPAAG: The British Marksman Turret

Developed by Marconi, it is similar to the German Gepard. It uses a Marconi Series 400 radar for detection and tracking. It has two Swiss 35mm Oerlikon autocannons with a rate of fire of 18 rounds per second firing fragmentation rounds with an effective range of 4,000m.

The turret is only in service with Finland, however it can be fitted on various wheeled and tracked chassis, hence video footage of it on other tank hulls as prototypes.

The Finnish ItPsv 90 SPAAG: T-55AM Mobility

The Finnish ItPsv 90 SPAAG

The AM version was chosen as it has a more powerfull engine (620hp) compared to the standard Russian T-55’s and this was required to cope with the additional weight of the Marksman turret compared to that of a T-55 tank turret.