The Finnish XA-181 aka ItO 90 SAM

The Crotale EDIR (Ecartométrie Différentielle InfraRouge, “InfraRed Differential Ecartometry”) is an all-weather short-range anti-air missile, which can be used to intercept low-flight anti-ship missiles and aircraft. It has been developed by Thomson CSF Matra and exists in two versions, a mobile land-based version and a ship-launched one and entered production in 1978.

The Finnish XA-181 aka ItO 90 SAM is the last vehicle in the video

A modernized version, the Crotale NG (New Generation), entered production in 1990. This version used the new VT-1 missile with Mach 3.5 speed, load factor to 35G, 11 km range, 13 kg warhead (8m kill-zone) and 6,000 m ceiling. The system includes a S-band Pulse Doppler radar (20 km), Ku-band TWT tracking radar (30 km), Thermal camera (19 km), Daylight CCD camera (15 km), and an IR localiser.

The Finnish XA-181 aka ItO 90 SAM

The Finnish Army mount the Crotale NG system on a XA-181 6×6 APC hull called the XA-181 aka ItO 90 SAM. Its believed that 21 vehicles were ordered and that now only 10 are in service.

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