The French AMC 35 Tank

The French AMC 35 Tank

The AMC 34 Tank had not proven popular within the French Army due its engine being under powered and the weight increase caused stresses leading to break downs. Renault came up with a revised design of the AMC 34 and the first prototype was delivered to the French Army in 1936 designated AMC 35.

The French AMC 35 Tank had a more powerful engine and suspension system rectifying the AMC 34’s faults. 100 were manufactured and 25 of these were delivered to Belgium. Both Countries operated the vehicle in defence of the German Invasion, with only its high fuel consumption being an issue.


Armament: x1 47mm or 25mm Main Gun & x1 7.5mm MG
Armour: 25mm steel (frontal)
Crew: 3
Dimensions: Length 4.55m / Width 2.2m  / Height 2.3m
Weight: 14.5 tonne
Engine: 180hp Renault 4-cylinder petrol
Top Road Speed: 42km/h
Operational Range: 160km

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