The French Berliet GBC 8 KT & Renault GBC 180 Military Truck

The French Berliet GBC 8 KT & Renault GBC 180 Military Truck – Berliet was a French manufacturer of automobiles, buses, trucks and in the 1950s, they developed a 6 × 6 truck for use in North Africa called the Gazelle. With modifications, it was subsequently adopted by the French Army in the late 1950s who took delivery of over 17,000.

The layout of the Berliet GBC 8 KT is conventional, with the engine at the front, cab in the centre and cargo area at the rear. The two-door cab has a removable top, there are removable door tops and the windscreen can be folded forward onto the bonnet. The rear cargo area is provided with a drop tailgate with an integral step, removable side boards, bows and a tarpaulin cover.

The Renault GBC 180 standard

In May 1997 it was announced that the GBC 8 KT trucks were to be upgraded to the Renault GBC 180 standard. 5,620 GBC 8 KT trucks were upgraded by October 2010.

 Vehicles received new cabs, new engines and transmission. Payload capacity has been increased from 4 tonne to 5 tonne.


Configuration 6×6
Cab seating 1 + 2 men
Weight (empty) 8.6 tonne
Maximum load 5 tonne
Engine Renault MIDR 175hp diesel
Top road speed 88 km/h
Operational range 800km +
Gradient 50%
Side slope 30%