The French Char NC1 Light Tank

French Char NC1 Light Tank

The French Char NC1 Light Tank was an improved version of the successful Renault FT-17. Designed during the early 1920’s for the export market by French firm Renault, only Yugoslavia and Japan who designated it the “Otsu-Gata Sensha” bought the vehicle.

It retained the 8mm MG or 37mm main gun, but had thicker armour and a more sophisticated suspension system. Japan replaced the original petrol engine with a diesel, however by 1940 the vehicle had been withdrawn from service.


Main Gun: 8mm MG or 37mm gun
Armour: 30mm (frontal)
Crew: 2
Dimensions: Length 4.47m, Width 1.57m, Height 2.18m
Weight: 9.6tons
Engine: Renault 4-cylinder petrol 60hp
Top Speed: 17km/h
Range: Unknown