The French R-35 Light Tank

When Germany invaded France in 1940,The French R-35 Light Tank proved the most troublesome of the French tanks for the German Army to tackle.

Production commenced in 1936 and by 1940 France was able to field 1100 and these proved impervious to Germanies 37mm anti-tank guns, across its frontal armour.

The French R-35 Light Tank Spec’s

Crew: 2
Armament: 37mm Main Gun / 1x 7.5mm MG
Armour: 40mm (max)
Weight: 10.4 tonne
Top Road Speed: 20km/h
Operational Range: 130km
Dimensions: Length 4.02m / Width 2.13m / Height 2.13m
Engine: Renault 4cylinder 85hp petrol

The French R-35 Light Tank Operators:

Poland – 50
Romania – 40
Turkey – 100
Yugoslavia – 50

It was then used after WW2 in Syria, where Israeli captured 2, of which one can been seen on display in an Israeli Museum.